Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fluorescent Adolescent

neon cardigan(f21); should be a unicorn but is just a magical looking horse shirt (Wet Seal/Ezekiel); foofy Monet skirt (United Colors of Benetton); white middle school marching band shoes

Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted to look presentable and suitably girly for Annabel's birthday party, who had requested that her guests don dresses for the said soiree. She took this as an occasion to break out her United Colors of Benetton skirt which she had snagged in Italy on sale for 20 euros because she wanted to get her money's worth out of the skirt and felt slightly special for owning a skirt from a usually expensive brand that she admired because of its eye-popping and colorful ads. She decided to wear a fanciful horse shirt to complement the colors of the skirt, and threw on a bright cardigan because she liked being obnoxious. Lastly, she placed on her feet rubber-tastic and severely scuffed-up marching band shoes because she wished she owned an acceptable pair of brogues but didn't so must always (at least for the time being) wear these for their slightly brogue-ish silhouette.


Emily (being the muckraker that she is): Hey Mom, what do you think of her outfit?
Mom: *insert look of disdain* Emily, I've given up on your sister's outfits.

My Asian side is telling me to be ashamed of my lack of filial piety


Sick-Liar said...

Hard-wits, how I love your exotic style! <3

Charleston said...

awesome photos x

Isabel said...

This outfit is rad!

Kate Rose said...

thanks y'all :D

Alan Li said...

so cute, I love the bright colors

Bun said...

i like how your mom always has to pull out her look of disdain just for you