Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wizard Pageboy

Lookin' magical with a levitating tennis ball

No matter how hard I try to take mysterious and alluring photos, I always end up looking frantic and overly cheerful. Oh well, someday...

Purple velvet dress (Banana Republic/yardsale); fossilized walrus tusk scrimshaw (Alaska); black and white tights (AA); obscured cheapy white belt (yard sale);middle school marching band shoes

Theme of the day is "wizard pageboy", dubbed by my ever-perceptive sister.
Should have broken out her Harry Potter wand for the little photo shoot going on here.

I finally broke out the two-toned tights which have been fermenting in my sock drawer since October of last year, which had been waiting to be bought for many months prior to that October in an attempt to make a foray into more, how you say, unconventional dressing.

And on the first day of wearage they ripped.
At this point I am getting extremely fed up with these AA tights because they have consistently ripped on me! My maroon thigh-highs lasted a couple wearings before getting a few holes, but my periwinkle tights majorly leg-crotch ripped on day one of wearing, ever. I thought I would have better luck with these bubbies, but! It was not to be! I discovered with horror a run on my black leg...Is it American Apparel tights, or am I just fat-legged and rough on tights? I want to like American Apparel tights because so many other peeps do, but! ACK. AACK. AACK.

Comments received today:
Mom: "*with a disdainful look at my legs* You look almost respectable today"
Quite a few classmates: "Your tights are two colors" followed by confused look
"...nice tights..." Obviously, they did not think they were nice tights.
*edit: need some black lipstick to further confuse people about my color sensibilities


Alexander said...

This outfit will surely be snatched up by an anime artist person one day.

And I see nothing wrong with your tights. They are obviously both black colored tights.
(Try wearing looser tights)

Charleston said...

i love the clockwork orange conflict of black and white x


Anonymous said...

whoever said your tights are to colors you seriously receive an award for pointing out the undeniable obvious. that person probs had nothing to say but still wanted to say something.

though i don't really like velvet, i actually find your dress pretty awesome!

you have a great blog!