Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fluorescent Adolescent

neon cardigan(f21); should be a unicorn but is just a magical looking horse shirt (Wet Seal/Ezekiel); foofy Monet skirt (United Colors of Benetton); white middle school marching band shoes

Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted to look presentable and suitably girly for Annabel's birthday party, who had requested that her guests don dresses for the said soiree. She took this as an occasion to break out her United Colors of Benetton skirt which she had snagged in Italy on sale for 20 euros because she wanted to get her money's worth out of the skirt and felt slightly special for owning a skirt from a usually expensive brand that she admired because of its eye-popping and colorful ads. She decided to wear a fanciful horse shirt to complement the colors of the skirt, and threw on a bright cardigan because she liked being obnoxious. Lastly, she placed on her feet rubber-tastic and severely scuffed-up marching band shoes because she wished she owned an acceptable pair of brogues but didn't so must always (at least for the time being) wear these for their slightly brogue-ish silhouette.


Emily (being the muckraker that she is): Hey Mom, what do you think of her outfit?
Mom: *insert look of disdain* Emily, I've given up on your sister's outfits.

My Asian side is telling me to be ashamed of my lack of filial piety

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Birthdaytime is Here

from top: Annabel, illustration by Beverly circa 2007, Annabel again. photos courtesy of me.

Introducing Annabel and Beverly. Wow, those names put together sound like they should be anthropomorphic bunnies decked in frilly dresses in a cheery-cupcake-filled-fluffy-rhyming children's book. Color scheme is a little bit of Mark Ryden (minus the slabs of meat and stoic children) and Jeff Koons and Beatrix Potter?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wizard Pageboy

Lookin' magical with a levitating tennis ball

No matter how hard I try to take mysterious and alluring photos, I always end up looking frantic and overly cheerful. Oh well, someday...

Purple velvet dress (Banana Republic/yardsale); fossilized walrus tusk scrimshaw (Alaska); black and white tights (AA); obscured cheapy white belt (yard sale);middle school marching band shoes

Theme of the day is "wizard pageboy", dubbed by my ever-perceptive sister.
Should have broken out her Harry Potter wand for the little photo shoot going on here.

I finally broke out the two-toned tights which have been fermenting in my sock drawer since October of last year, which had been waiting to be bought for many months prior to that October in an attempt to make a foray into more, how you say, unconventional dressing.

And on the first day of wearage they ripped.
At this point I am getting extremely fed up with these AA tights because they have consistently ripped on me! My maroon thigh-highs lasted a couple wearings before getting a few holes, but my periwinkle tights majorly leg-crotch ripped on day one of wearing, ever. I thought I would have better luck with these bubbies, but! It was not to be! I discovered with horror a run on my black leg...Is it American Apparel tights, or am I just fat-legged and rough on tights? I want to like American Apparel tights because so many other peeps do, but! ACK. AACK. AACK.

Comments received today:
Mom: "*with a disdainful look at my legs* You look almost respectable today"
Quite a few classmates: "Your tights are two colors" followed by confused look
"...nice tights..." Obviously, they did not think they were nice tights.
*edit: need some black lipstick to further confuse people about my color sensibilities

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Smile Like You Mean It

Gypsy Hobo Who Mugged an Old Lady and Made her Rug into a Vest and Put a Dead Bird on Her Head

carpet vest(Goodwill); plain white t (HAHA GET IT, SO PUNNY, snagged from madre); bleached jeans (DIY/Tommy Hilfiger); dork socks; black loafers (Nordstrom's); part of a box as my low-tech tripod

I'm so good at being my own photographer, and look at these purdy accessories: pile o' feathers headband (costume jewelry store); blue striped sunglasses (SIDECCA)

This is what happens when I am running late for school due to a slightly *cough cough* procrastinated history project and I need to leave for school in two minutes
- so I grab these jeans because they're slouchy and comfortable and not skinny jeans
-and throw on a white t because heck, might as well have a whole slouchy outfit
-and then grab the vest because my style senses subconsciously wanted be to add some structure to the outfit even though I didn't realize it (hey, this could be true, right?)
-then threw on the feathers because I wanted to look as hobo as possible. sunglasses grabbed for maximum clashing.
-partially untucked shirt to look as sloppy and hobo as possible.

I've been going a little crazy with cuffing my jeans lately, but I just love the proportions of cuffed jeans and high socks.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just Another Lazy Day Afternoon

windbreaker (Tommy Hilfiger); navy striped T (Polo Sport); octopus neclace (SIDECCA);
black skinny pants(Fire); sandals (Aerosoles); fake Nike sports watch (China); awkward hands and large feet

Welcome to the world of "I'm feeling lazy today" dressing, where comfort and ease triumphs over personal artistic statements. In this photo can be observed
  • one newly re-bowled haircut
  • two pairs of awkward 8.5-9 size feet
  • the ever useful hand-binoculars pose
Personal formula for lazy dressing:
  • striped or graphically printed T
  • skinny jeans/pants
  • structured jacket of some sort
  • accessories as needed
Yet again I am channeling safari-explorer-ish style, but this time with a hint of Alexander Wang*.
*Okay, I just threw in that last bit to sound pretentious.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

white button down(Gap); floral carpet vest(thrifted, hails from Goodwill, and MINE); white skirt (Old Navy); rainbow socks(Costco); red sandals(Aerosoles)

Hello dear readers. Meet Emily. This strange child clutching an Oscar Wilde book and glancing surreptitiously to the side is my sister. Sadly she was only dressed up for an English project*, but I personally find this as an outfit quite intriguing. Wouldn't it be nice if she was carrying The Importance of Being Ernest around just for kicks?

To My continuous dismay and dissaproval said Emily refuses to share in my love for fashion. She is simply too lazy/"practical". What a silly, silly girl.

Emily on fashion: "It's fun, but rather inconvenient. I shall eat my cheese now."
Emily after reading this blog post: "I think you have a real talent for making people sound lame."
*Emily's usual mode of dressing is jeans and a t-shirt

Sunday, May 9, 2010

You're Much Too Ambitious for a Juvenile

Black corduroy blazer (snagged from my madre); t-shirt(gift); green polka dot culottes(thrifted, Oxfam); black tights(gift);

pins (clockwise from top: thrifted, gift from Japan, Grandmammy)
I suck at formatting on this internet doohickey.

Monday, May 3, 2010

The Wonders of Modern Technology/I Really Need to Get Back to Homework...

fleece houndstooth jacket (Uniqlo); striped turtleneck (Uniqlo); weater dress (Nordstrom's);
blue tights (f21); loafers (Nordstrom's)

The Wonders of Modern Technology indeed...why, with just the click of a few buttons I* have been transformed into a masterpiece the likes of which have never before been witnessed, saved for in the dreams of Michaelangelo!

*accidentally a walking billboard for Uniqlo and Nordstrom...