Sunday, May 16, 2010

Just Another Lazy Day Afternoon

windbreaker (Tommy Hilfiger); navy striped T (Polo Sport); octopus neclace (SIDECCA);
black skinny pants(Fire); sandals (Aerosoles); fake Nike sports watch (China); awkward hands and large feet

Welcome to the world of "I'm feeling lazy today" dressing, where comfort and ease triumphs over personal artistic statements. In this photo can be observed
  • one newly re-bowled haircut
  • two pairs of awkward 8.5-9 size feet
  • the ever useful hand-binoculars pose
Personal formula for lazy dressing:
  • striped or graphically printed T
  • skinny jeans/pants
  • structured jacket of some sort
  • accessories as needed
Yet again I am channeling safari-explorer-ish style, but this time with a hint of Alexander Wang*.
*Okay, I just threw in that last bit to sound pretentious.


Alan Li said...

Very different shoes, I kind of like them! I love your unique-ness!


Kate Rose said...

Yay, I'm glad my weirdness is appreciated :)

I've been over-wearing these shoes so much lately...they're just so comfortable