Monday, August 30, 2010

No Thank You, SIR

ring ring. Oh, hay thur school.
Impropriety in the Fourth Dimension; Oil on primed cardboard.

Why Hello there, delightful Victorian Family. How do you fare on this very fine evening?
What's that, you say? Speak up a bit, bear child.
Ahh, so school is now in session? Your creator* is now a Senior? In Highschool?
How utterly DELIGHTFUL.
Fantastic, if I may add.
Octopus, do not be shy. Did I hear you whisper something?
Oh Bother, that's right. Your creator SHOULD be doing her homework,
Most Definitely.
And so I bid thee adieu fair family.
Until next time.

*as in me

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010


This is me stagnating in my house all day.

According to Heidi, it's hard to take clothes and yourself seriously in American Apparel.
I think I agree.

These pants are the epitome of FUN. Now if only I had $78 lying around...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Because I am Feeling Guilty About Being a Neglectful Blogger Again

enjoy. Back when I had hair.

And on a more sobering note, today at H&M I had a close and harrowing encounter with...dare I even name them? No I shall not. Well, then, let me describe them. Three teens dressed in graphic t-shirts and ripped shorts, topped with drapey jersey vests. I gazed upon their listless forms perusing a rack at said H&M and I hear them murmur amongst themselves... "Is 80's still in?"
SIGH. Poor mindless, ignorant masses. The delicacies, intricacies, and beauty of fashion is lost upon them.