Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What Would Paul Do?

Lookin' snazzy there, Paul!
Modeling Beatle-tastic creation with hair courtesy of not brushing it at all. Pay no attention to the stoic glare and yet again, awkward feet.

Pictured above: two years worth of birthday present procrastination for Ingrid, who is mildly(severe understatement) obsessed with The Beatles, and most of all Paul McCartney. Custom shirt by Kate (that's me!)
What's this, you say? You want to know how I created such a masterpiece?
It's quite simple, really. All it takes is:
-a vision, a decent amount of artistic skill (optional) a paintbrush, water, and some good ol' waterproof India ink.
-Buy blank t-shirts from F21! Great value! So cheap! ( imagine me saying this in an Asian accent*)
*hey, when you're that race (or at least part) it's not racist, right?

Readers, what WOULD Paul do?


Anonymous said...

nice shirt :)

Louise said...

Hey wow that shirt is uber cool !!!! I think Paul would totally think so too !!! Please visit my blog www.sugarcoatedstyle.blogspot.com

Sunk-a-mangroves said...

Paul would say "Jesus misses you!"

Isabel said...

Gahhh, AMAZING shirt!