Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gypsy Hobo Who Mugged an Old Lady and Made her Rug into a Vest and Put a Dead Bird on Her Head

carpet vest(Goodwill); plain white t (HAHA GET IT, SO PUNNY, snagged from madre); bleached jeans (DIY/Tommy Hilfiger); dork socks; black loafers (Nordstrom's); part of a box as my low-tech tripod

I'm so good at being my own photographer, and look at these purdy accessories: pile o' feathers headband (costume jewelry store); blue striped sunglasses (SIDECCA)

This is what happens when I am running late for school due to a slightly *cough cough* procrastinated history project and I need to leave for school in two minutes
- so I grab these jeans because they're slouchy and comfortable and not skinny jeans
-and throw on a white t because heck, might as well have a whole slouchy outfit
-and then grab the vest because my style senses subconsciously wanted be to add some structure to the outfit even though I didn't realize it (hey, this could be true, right?)
-then threw on the feathers because I wanted to look as hobo as possible. sunglasses grabbed for maximum clashing.
-partially untucked shirt to look as sloppy and hobo as possible.

I've been going a little crazy with cuffing my jeans lately, but I just love the proportions of cuffed jeans and high socks.


Anonymous said...

i love this outfit. and cool pictures. i'm glad i stumbled upon your blog. love it, following you now!

Anonymous said...

I lovvve this!!! You look like Tao with your amazing haircut.

Kate Rose said...

wheee, comments make me smile!

Anonymous said...

your jeans are really nice! you did a really good job! i've been planning on bleaching some jean shorts but i'm wayyy too lazy (and scared it'll turn out fugly)