Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ay Caramba!

I have once again returned to the blogosphere and risen from my sedentary summer coma.
A triumph over the lack of motivation and inspiration which has been so plaguing me from the start of summer, penetrating every fiber of my being with ennui, coursing through my veins, stagnating with the sloth of a thousand complacent hippos.
Well, no more I say!
Begone, demons of listless lethargy!
Pictured above, a two week old outfit in which you will find me channeling my inner tropical Caribbean something or other. And partying with a turban. Ah, turbans, so delightful, and what an all purposeful solution to the ever-present bad-hair day, scourge of humanity it is!

Outfit Details:
scarf (China); light blue T (F21); chartreuse linen shorts (BCBG/Marshall's-poor people stores are fun! Okay, this sounds really bad outside of my head...); marching band shoes
*yes, I learned this word from that scene in the Charlotte's Web book.

Coming soon...
gaze upon the glorious new additions to my wardrobe, including thrifty fun time and a shirt my parents don't approve of!

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Charleston said...

love this! x