Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Thrifty Fun Time

Dear World,
I apologize yet again for being a less than punctual blogger. I hereby pledge to post once per day. the end.
Now back to your regular scheduled programming.

THRIFTY FUN TIME, hosted by your very own Kate!
Pictured below, gallavanting at Goodwill with a stylish buddy.

There are moments where I wish that I projected a more...sopohisticated image; but as much as I wish this, I know that I will never and can never be a "cool kid". I laugh too much. I cry too much. I crack too many jokes and I am most definitely too loud. Then after a few moments I come to my senses and remember that I'd much rather be laughed at and make people laugh than be respected. After all, what fun is there in respect? Thanks but no thanks, I'll stick with my embarrassing outbursts and random noises and awkward moments. However, that doesn't mean I wish to forgo seriousness altogether. Quite frankly and in my humble opinion, humble here taken to mean "not at all humble and in all actuality bragging", I have just as much capacity for artistic depth and expression as any cool kid. Perhaps one of these days I will do some soul searching and decide what I actually mean by cool kid. Hold on a minute, has there been any purpose to this little piece of literature? Not really, but how I do love a good unstructured (and unrelated) rant.

Until the morrow, parting is such sweet sorrow!


Anonymous said...

chicken painting!
Rite Aid ice cream!


like your story :D

-fashion photographer Nam.

Diogo Sc said...



Anonymous said...

If you want people to enjoy your fashion and postings based on thinking you are doing a good job or have good taste, then you are, indeed, looking for some form of respect. To claim otherwise is disingenuous, and should be beneath you. :)

Kate Rose said...

very valid point.
may one day in the nearish future do a follow up post in lie of the above flawed ramble

Anonymous said...

who cares about respect. just do you (tacky eh) and continue being your own "cool"!