Thursday, July 1, 2010

tea party table for one

Aah, tea parties, how the word sets my heart a-flutter. Simply the mention of English breakfast tea brings me back to last summer and my delightful escapades around Europe with the grandparents. While I was in London I grew specifically fond of English breakfast tea due to fun-tastic hotel breakfasts of baked beans, mushrooms, marmite, and most of all my beloved ENGNLISH BREAKFAST TEA with a splash of cream and two packets of sugar.

is not this a delightful British breaking of the fast? photo hailing from last year's euro trip (hence the lack of bowl-cutted-ness)

Pictured below is my attempt at recrecreating those charming breakfasts, albeit in a bit of a daintier fashion, with a pot of tea and a rhubarb tart. And yes, my mother laughed at me for lovingly photographing my breakfast.

pay no heed to the tacky portrait in the background...all the better if it goes unnoticed!

mmm, look at how scrumtious and bursting with rhubarb-tastic flavor and British charm


Anonymous said...

Dzubo, if ye didn't mention the portrait then no one would have noticed it foo, but since you mentioned it, i looked closer and found it

Alexander said...

Did you make that pie? YOU SHOULD MAKE ME A PIE SOMETIME!

Also, your appearance without the bowl-cut is STRIKINGLY different than with your bowl-cutness! You should unbowl it senior year! Or change your hairstyle with the changing seasons! If each season has specific colors then why not hairstyles!?!?!?!


Its nice to finally see someone who appreciates rhubarb as much as i do. However, Rhubarb is at its best in a good ole British crumble with clotted cream, I'm salivating.

Loving the blog matey - greeting from England

Yours Truly


Kate Rose said...

deary me, it sounds like I must get my behind over to england posthaste! the delicacies I'm missing out on!