Sunday, April 11, 2010

Spring Break Nostalgia

Clint Eastwood-esque poncho(vintage); Grey beret (French street market);Black AE jacket(gift); Navy striped shirt (Polo brand); Sunglasses (SIDECCA);Black jeans( Nordstrom's)

So, over spring break I got meself over to Stanford and UCSB for some college visiting! But now is not the time for an intellectual and wordy review of the two universities because...It's outfit posting time! HUZZAH! Stopped at San Luis Obispo on the way back to my homevillage, and ran into this loverly(ohh wouldn't it be loverlyy? My Fair Lady reference AAH favorite movie EVER) thrift/vintage store. There I was, browsing along in the back of the store, when my padre sees! Oh my, what ever could it be? A Glorious Leather Fringed Made In Mexico Purdy-Colored poncho, of course! This here poncho got bargained down from $45 to--wait for it-now drumroll-okay, you can open your eyes now-$25! SCORE! Meanwhile, back at the Batcave...

stupendous but expensive-I-want-it-so-badly (278$!)
doctor bag at Stanford book store


Vinda Sonata said...

your style is very interesting. at first glance i thought that was a shot from the sartorialist! love the poncho!

Alexander said...

:') You finally got your first fashion post up! I'm so proud! Q_Q

Kate Rose said...

aw, I'm flattered :)
Aren't vintage stores the greatest?

Alex: next stop, WORLD DOMINATION