Sunday, April 25, 2010

If this blog were my child, I would be arrested for neglect

photo courtesy of Emily Devin

sheer black blouse (H&M), beige sweater (mom's), sports watch (market in China), flappy beige skirt (random Asian clothes store),
periwinkle tights (AA), black loafers (Nordstrom's)

*disclaimer:Just because I wear baggy sweaters and colorful tights** and loafers does not make me a hipster***
**I know he fact that they are American Apparel tights is not helping my case
***Hipsters aren't all that bad (except when they are). Poor hipsters. They're the people we all love to hate.


Alan Li said...

Tavi again! I love it!

Charleston said...

very unique!

Anonymous said...

ohh hipsters, gotta love to hate 'em. their very essence (probs the smell of Pabst Blue Ribbon (hipster juice) and pretentiousness) cause major hatred from everyone!

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)
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