Thursday, September 2, 2010

Two Kewl for $kool

Another year of highschool. The last year of high school. Huzzah?
And what better way to start the year than by donning all black and gelling the hair into a '50 style pompadour? At least, that was the look I was going for. In retrospect, my look may have come off as a little bit female car-mechanic. As of late, I have been experimenting with slash attempting simpler looks; I feel that my clashing has lately gotten a bit too gimmicky and thoughtless. I want to mix it up a bit, explore, and find my own style. As much as I wish I were as confident in my style as other young bloggers out there these days, I feel my fashion sense still has a ways to go before I find an aesthetic that really speaks to me. Perhaps adding a little Pascal to my wardrobe decisions will add some class to my clashing. Oh darn, was that too much introspective philosophizing for one post?


*Short hair is so great. I eagerly anticipate the coming days of pompadours, faux hawks, and attempts at Morrissey Hair.


Beverly said...

looking sharp as always kate :]

Amber Rose said...

Your pose is absolutely wonderful. Not to mention the simplicity of your look-- I like it with your short hair. :)

Gotta love high school..

Kate Rose said...

golly, thanks!
OH highschool, the scourge of humanity!

kelsea said...

love those shoes.

Bun said...

Tis not a pompadour, zuu